Miksang Intensive, May 2020, Greece

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We are thrilled to announce this workshop in the beautiful and inviting village of Methana, Greece. Visiting this place we thought we want to come back and explore its wilderness and beauty with a Miksang Class. Here we are!

This 10 day class will include the curriculum of two workshops: ‘Making Contact’ and ‘The Heart of Perception’
The Workshopswill be taught in a 4,5-day and a 4-day class. Inbetween there is a day off or the opportuniy for a day trip.

May 13th – 23th, 2020
Methana, Greece

May 13th = Day 1: Traveling Day and Introductory Talk for Making Contact 7-9 pm
Day 2,3,4,5: Workshop Days ‘MC’
May 18th = Day 6: Day Off with the possibility for a Day Trip
Day 7,8,9,10: Workshop Days ‘Heart of Perception’
May 23th = Traveling Day

Through visual exercises and photographic assignments, we develop confidence in our ability to make direct contact with what we see. We linger with our perception, understand its quality and express this experience precisely with the camera. We all have the talent to experience these waking moments. Direct visual perception is fresh, alive and in the moment.

We will provide talks and slideshows, perception training, visual exercises, photo tasks and photo reviews as part of the process.

There will be plenty of time to relax or swim.

Workshop: Making Contact: Relaxing This, Discovering THAT
Day 1-5 > May 13th-17th
Pre-Requisites: None

Making Contact is where “the rubber hits the road” in Miksang. In this workshop we prepare ourselves to see, recognize when we have a fresh perception, understand it, and express it with our camera. We learn to develop a sense of equanimity about what we see. In Making Contact, we work with our resistance to seeing without an agenda, and our struggle to make our world conform to what we want to see. We discover that real seeing takes place on the other side of boredom. As we cross this boundary we discover a world of floating wonder for us to play in.

Workshop: The Heart of Perception: Feeling the Moment
Day 6-10 > May 19th-22th
Pre-Requisites: Making Contact: Relaxing This, Discovering THAT

In The Heart of Perception we experience new depth of visual experience. As we free ourselves from the limitations of what we want to see, we enter into a more spacious and intimate relationship with our visual world. As our openness and receptivity continue to expand, we can feel the heartbeat and breath of our perceptions. The texture of our experience becomes delicate, transitory, ephemeral. Because we have developed the ability to be still without bias or judgment, we can express the subtlety of this experience with our camera.

Methana is a beautiful peninsula in the Saronic Gulf. It is worth exploring the surrounding. Beaches, a hot spring, wonderful hikes, the volcano, little villages, archeological sites. Epidaurus is about 50 km away. Please do this before or after the workshop. Make sure you have enough time to go for adventures. We expect that you are really there and available as part of the group during the workshop.

The registration for the workshops takes place here (see below) and the registration for the accommodation directly at the Hotel. We will send you the link to the hotel after your registration.
Please use the word photography class when sending an email to the hotel to make sure you are a member of this group.
Single room (33 €) Double room (46 €) including a small breakfast.
Would you like to share a room with another participant (maybe even with someone you don’t know yet?)
You should mention this in your registration.
Of course it is also possible to extend your stay.

Some of the days we will have a lunch at the Hotel and we will organize that, when we are there. For dinner you have plenty of options around in the Tavernas.

We would be happy to confirm the workshop as soon as possible to ensure everyone can get a good prices for traveling. Sign up soon!

When you arrive by plane at Athens you can take a bus directly from the Airport to Piraeus.

The ferry: Piraeus – Methana takes about 2.5 hours and usually departs once a day, in 2019 it departed from Piraeus at about 10am in the morning. You don’t have to make a reservation. You can get the tickets at the port of Piraeus. The price should be about 15 € per route.

Pricing for the Workshop 
There are people taking part from very various countries with different income.
So we have different prices and we trust you in choosing the price which is affordable for you. All prices are including 19 % Tax (called MWSt in Germany). We will send out an invoice after your registration. You can pay in one or more steps.
750 € for income above 1.800 €
or 550 € for income less than 1.800 €
or 300 € for students and unemployed
The first payment will not be necessary before January 2020. Please wait for my invoice and do not use Paypal right now.

Watch this video with images I took in 2019

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Please be patient with our system which is set up in german & english. Use the flag above or below to change language! And please don’t hesitate to ask questions, if something is not clear.

Choose your ticket > Add to Cart > click on Cart > Type in your Name, Adresse etc.
Thank you!

10 day intensivePriceCart
Regular ticket (for income above 1.800 €)750€
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Reduced ticket (for income less than 1.800 €)550€
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Students or unemployed300€
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4,5-day Workshop 'Making Contact'PriceCart
Regular ticket (for income above 1.800 €)375€
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Reduced ticket (for income less than 1.800 €)275€
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Students or unemployed150€
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4,5-day Workshop 'Heart of Perception'PriceCart
Regular ticket (for income above 1.800 €)375€
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Reduced ticket (for income less than 1.800 €)275€
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Students or unemployed150€
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  1. Gimmel Doris

    Ich gehe davon aus, dass ich auch im Hotel noch Platz finde.

    • Hiltrud Enders

      Hallo Doris,
      Ja, das Hotel hat ausreichend Platz für unsere Gruppe.

  2. Laurie Lavine

    Good morning! Can you share the name of the hotel with us? My husband may be staying with me though he will not be taking the class. In order to decide, he would like to see the hotel’s website.

    Thank you!
    Laurie Lavine
    Denver, Colorado

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