The broad river beneath me, an office workday behind me. When I closed the door, I decided not to go home yet, but to the fairground. I have been watching them putting up the fun rides for a while now from a distance. The skyline on the other side of the river has been changing constantly. It’s made me curious. Now the bridge is full of people. I am walking briskly, feeling my body, enjoying the motion. On the river bank at my feet, a long row of traffic wardens clad in bright orange has lined up. Moments later, I dive into this mixture of loud music and visual excess. My first picture shows some pretty lettering: “Gagliardi”. It smells deliciously of roasted sugar almonds. The cashier is the same woman that sat here last year, watching the crowd from her booth in between ticket sales. Screams are drifting over from the carousels. A band is playing, but no one is listening. Everything is a little crazy and over the top: colors, lights, air brush monsters, deep blue skies, and the moon.

“Why do like this place so much?“, my friend asks. We have been sitting on a bench in front of the swing boat for a while, lost in loud music. On the other end of the bench, all kinds of people keep sitting down: a family sharing a pizza, two very stylish women impressing us with their tattoos, someone in need of a break. ”In the midst of all this chaos of sounds, and forms, and colors, and people – I can find peace. I can be attentive and now and then surprised. It’s a place where just about everyone is having fun.” Just when the words are out, Campino is sauntering by.

The gallery shows photographs of many walks from many years.

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