The poetic revolution

Quotes from Ariadne von Schirach, Translated by deepl

“A meaningful life is one that I can say I have lived consciously. Or to put it poetically: I believe that each person is a song that exists only once. A song in this infinite symphony of being that we call life. And I would be satisfied if, at the end of my life, I had the feeling that I had not only listened to many other people’s songs, but had also sung my own song with all my heart.”

“Whoever uses his or her mind and thus his or her power of judgment, compassion and imagination, can ensure that the world is in resonance with one’s own values exactly where he or she lives and loves and works at the moment. Which, however, is only possible if one also listens, that is, has respect and regard for what is with one – whether nature, social institutions, or simply another human being. We are not the victims of society, we are society, and what each individual does has an impact on the whole at the same time. If we do not only act selfishly, but always keep this whole in mind, we can consciously and responsibly respond to our being here and thereby also overcome fear and powerlessness.”
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