Curiosity is a door opener for creativity

To be curious means to be beyond consumption – open to what I encounter. I discover, explore, see phenomena such as the reflections of light or colour instead of perceiving prefabricated, thus recognizing what I expect to see. Often I save my words, which would classify the discovered immediately. This allows me to be freer and more playful and beyond the seriousness so often in demand.

Curiosity is a door opener for creativity. Come on in! We usually call artistic and musical ‘techniques’ creative. For me, adult creativity also means to find good solutions, to conjure something from little, to use experiences at the right moment, to act out of intuition and to create situations with a sure feeling. Unfortunately, being an adult is excessively determined by thinking and seen in supposedly linear processes in which when/then recipes dominate. Achievement is a matter of course, the (own) expectations are often high. In everyday life of this world, obligations have far too often priority.

To always give priority to obligations is certainly a creativity killer. If my everyday life is a sequence of todo’s and my head is always busy with what is still to happen, this prevents me from getting lost at the moment. How about a mixed fabric? Why not stay in the middle of it? As a very frequent obstacle to contemplative photography, participants of the courses say that they couldn’t take their time. To divide my everyday life into time for duty and time for seeing is the wrong approach. Seeing can always happen, right in the middle of it. The sun on the kitchen paper while I clean up the kitchen.

A prerequisite for relaxed perception is the willingness to open oneself to the experience, which lies on the other side of fixed thinking through, effectively classifying, quickly mastering. It is a turn to useless everyday poetry, to doing nothing unprepared, to side scenes and a never-ending curiosity about the world of phenomena.

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