Light and shadow plays in October

Quiet drops of light, swirling threads. Luminous stains that can be found on walls or on the other person’s jacket. Shadows, light. Only for short moments there every morning again on the wall opposite the bed this dance on the wall. I can read the time from when exactly the shadow of the balcony plants appears on the door frame. On rainy grey days the sunlight becomes precious. And sometimes it surprises us – even if our heads and senses have long since disappeared in the conviction that EVERYTHING is grey today.

Catch these spells – as a photo or video – and share them with others. Your photo doesn’t have to tell a story, it can be anything: abstract, random, close or a big spectacle. Pay attention to your inner red thread of freshness and stay true to it.

It could be the month of aperture correction. Learn how to adjust your camera to show what you have seen.

Do you want to join in?


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