Miksang in Cabanillas del Monte, Spain

August, September 2022, dates to be announced
In case we cannot travel to Spain due to the pandemic, we will think about an online class using the same dates. Be sure we will find a schedule for this class which will provide a relaxed and inspiring Workshop. 

We are thrilled to announce this workshop in the beautiful and inviting village of Methana, Greece. We really love coming back and explore its wilderness and beauty with a Miksang Class.

Through visual exercises and photographic assignments, we develop confidence in our ability to make direct contact with what we see. We linger with our perception, understand its quality and express this experience precisely with the camera. We all have the talent to experience these waking moments. Direct visual perception is fresh, alive, joyful and in the moment.

We will provide talks and slideshows, perception training, visual exercises, photo tasks and photo reviews as part of the process.
There will be time for relaxation or swimming.

Workshop: Making Contact: Relaxing This, Discovering THAT
4 or 5 days

Pre-Requisites: Reading Material ,Opening the Good Eye

We learn to trust in our ability to be still and to not get swept away by labels and overviews, we can see and appreciate things as they are.

In Making Contact we’re not trying to simplify how we see by focusing upon individual elements of form. Our eyes just land where they land. We are not looking or hunting for anything. And by allowing ourselves to simply and clearly see what we see, we can actually connect to the essence, the essential manifestation of our perception.

We begin to discover the qualities of visual experience. We can photograph perception that has the “taste of fresh”, as we call it. We recognize direct perception because we train to recognize the qualities of our visual experience. Photography becomes a deeply intimate, intuitive, and joyful experience.

Cabanillas del Monte
Cabanillas is a small village on the 1100 m high plateau near the Sierra de Guardarrama, about an hour’s drive north of Madrid. Villages clearly circled in the landscape, small valleys with streams, the royal summer palace with a beautiful landscaped garden is 8 km away. The sky is wide, the light clear, at night you can watch the stars.
Plans are for accommodation with self-organised breakfast and for Emma to cook for us in the bar in the village.

Pictures from Cabanillas del Monte > this way

Pricing for the Workshop
There are people taking part from very various countries with different income. So we have different prices and we trust you in choosing the price which is affordable for you. We will send out an invoice after your registration. You can pay in one or more steps.

800 € for income above 2.000 €
or 650 € for income less than 2.000 €
or 350 € for students and unemployed
or pay what you can and tell me about this in an e-mail

If you want to get the most fresh informations, make sure that you sign up for my Newsletter. See form below on the site.

For registering for the workshops please send me an email mail@miksang-fotografie.de Tell me in a few sentences about your motivation. I am curious! Please include your address. And if you have any question don’t hesitate asking them.

The registration for the accommodation goes directly at the hotel. We will send you the link to the hotel when we are confirming the workshop.

Prices for the accommodation will follow soon. Would you like to share a room with another participant (maybe even with someone you don’t know yet?) You should mention this in your registration.

We will organize a meal a day in the village bar.

By bus or train from Madrid to Segovia, by bus from Segovia to Cabanillas del Monte.

We always get questions about the different streams of Miksang. And one of the most popular questions is “What is the difference?” I am studying with Michael Wood & Julie DuBose since 2006 and teaching in behalf of the Miksang Institute since 2014. I never studied with or taught in behalf of other Miksang streams. So I cannot give a general view about the difference.

Is the Miksang Intensive a preparation for getting a Miksang Teacher?

No. We are deeply convinced that it requires extensive practice and reflection, also in terms of time. This a Miksang Intensive does not provide.

How to become a Miksang Teacher


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