Curiosity over Fear

Being on the move in Paris feels like going from one security checkpoint to the next at an airport. Open your photo pocket, empty your jacket and trouser pockets. You go through the barrier, past the security, and know exactly that everything can be completely sealed off in front of or behind you at any time. I always feel the need to thank you. They are just doing their job. What a contrast to the mood of the pictures of Frida Kahlo and the other “Mexique” I see inside the Grande Palais.
Barriers at the metro, room-high turnstiles. Very young faces with very big weapons in front of public buildings. I catch myself thinking that if something happens, I wish to be dead immediately, not hurt. And then I continue my ways in this huge, so fast city where everyone goes red at the traffic lights and drives. “The biggest danger are the Pokémon-Go players.” my friends give me on the way with. They will run into you when you take pictures. I like this humor. A friend who lived in Tel Aviv told me many years ago how she found a way to deal with her fear without avoiding the city.

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