Contemplative Photography – levels of learning

The practice of contemplative photography opens up experiences. Being close to fresh, immediate perception. You don’t even have to try to taste, just let the flavour of the orange melt in your mouth. Perception happens effortlessly, sensually, absorbing, not by thinking or wanting.
A fascinating part of the workshop for me is the exchange in the group. Every person is different, every sensory perception is unique. You take my suggestion in a way that is good for you personally. Participants often report how this relaxes them: it takes out competition and performance thinking.

Levels of learning
– Perception exercises, meditative exercises, arriving in the moment
– Inspiration through assignments and picture galleries
– Contemplation, philosophy – based on the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa
– Technology – using tools sensibly, relaxing with technology, refinement through curiosity
– Community and solitude in balance
– Image contemplation – clarity arises through benevolence

“We relax and take off the heavy rucksack of design rules, which is filled with ideas of what makes a good picture.”
Hiltrud Enders

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