Technology is not an obstacle

As an experienced photographer, you won’t read any further because the operation of your camera has already become flesh and blood.

What does technology mean for beginners? Use the automatic mode (flash off!) or with the new cameras the “intelligent automatic”. With it you can take wonderful pictures that show how you perceive the world. You can just stay with it.

This ‘Intelligent Auto’ makes me satisfied with some shots and not with other shots, for example when it shows colors cooler than I see them or – with my camera preset – when it works with a large aperture. I often want more depth of field.

Get to know your camera, but don’t bother. Miksang is about seeing! Of course also about the good implementation, but it expands automatically.

1) Make yourself familiar with how to reproduce colors as you see them. Discover your white balance.

2) Find out how to vary the depth of field.

3) Learn to change the ISO (light sensitivity) fix.

4) Try in aperture auto mode (A=Aperture).

5) Experiment with the different focus points.

It makes sense to have understood the interaction of ISO, time and aperture. You don’t really need more.

For the ambitious: Put the operating instructions next to the bed and always read a chapter in the evening or in the morning.