Hang in there

* Look at your pictures of today in 2019, 2018, 2017… Put together photo series. Maybe you notice that you have an affinity to certain motifs

* Print out your photos. Experiment with papers and printing techniques and send them as gifts.

* Take pictures in your home, always have your camera close and show the experience of your everyday life

* Stroll around with your camera as much as you can. Even if you repeat the round, you will always see something new.

* Observe something in nature, the sky, a flower, a tree, your dog and take pictures of it again and again. Observe the change. Maybe you can cut a film from it?

* Discover stop-motion animations and explain me afterwards how to do it 😉 I always wanted to learn that!

* Learn something about smartphone photography

* check out the books of Michael Wood & Julie DuBose on www.miksang.com
* My book “Freude am Sehen” is just available in German right now, but my publishing house is shipping wordwide the print without shipping fee. Send me an e-mail and I will forward your order. It is also available as e-book.

Creativity, Art & Museums
* Visit Picasso online at K20, Düsseldorf
* Creative tips from MOMA
* Keri Smith launched a page of daily inspiration
* Rachek Hazell explains how to bind a notebook

Films, Videos
* Documentary about Carmen Herrera on Netflix and Vimeo
* Become a Microscope > Dokumentation über Sister Corinna


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  1. Wonderful suggestions, Hiltrud! I’m going to try strolling with my camera when my kids are playing and when things are quiet. Thank you!

    • Hiltrud Enders

      Thank you so much Cody and keep on rocking’. I love seeing your images!

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