Why Miksang in Greece?

For a long time I have wanted to offer a workshop that – taught in English – is a possibility for people from different countries. I get inquiries from Scandinavia, France, Greece, Spain or Turkey. Greece is the perfect place to bring everyone together and enjoy the community with our greek  friends, who are carrying a lot of economic pressure on their shoulders, managing everyday life.

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From many workshops of the Miksang Institute, in which I participated, I know how beautiful the exchange and getting to know people of different cultures can be through the visual language of photography. When I see the pictures of the other participants, the peculiarity of the other person becomes visible. Their sensitivity, poetry, directness or humour.

Last summer we found a wonderful place for the workshop. Methana is two hours by ferry from Piraeus. It is easily accessible. It is restful, people are friendly, the places magical, the gardens lush. Methana used to be a health resort. Unfortunately the official thermal bath is closed at the moment – for economic reasons. Directly at the beach, however, there is a sulphur spring that is accessible to all. Here, one can simply dive for a while into the restful water and enjoy the view over the sea. Methana is a volcanic peninsula at the eastern edge of the Peloponnese. It is very worthwhile to explore the surroundings. Beaches, walks to the volcanoes, small villages, archaeological sites. Epidaurus is about 50 km away.

Gallery of photos 2018

The picture gallery shows my trip to Greece in June 2018. First I visited the Shambhala Art Training on Aegina. I am very grateful to Shambhala Greece, who organized this training.

Afterwards we travelled to Methana. When the ferry arrives at the harbour the usual babble of voices breaks out. After the contemplative journey with the ferry suddenly hurry. As I stand on the pier and look back at the boat, I understand the hectic pace. Methana is such a small mooring that the ferry is not moored at all. The passengers and cars leave the ship while the metal plates glide very very slowly onto the concrete. Respect the captain for this skilful navigation. We spend two days on the peninsula with the clear feeling of wanting to come back.

Gallery of photos 2018

I have (unfortunately) provided almost all pictures of people with a private setting, which can only be reached via a special link, which I unfortunately cannot publish here. A tribute to the uncertainty in dealing with the new European data protection regulation.

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  1. Your photos are heart inspired and heart-inspiring. Am looking forward to joining your Miksang group. Can you please let me know if there is still room for me to register.

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