Workshop in Greece, May 2020

If your desire is to step into contemplative photography, to explore the world with your sense perceptions and express it in a clear and effortless way, you can join us in Methana Greece. We will be a multinational group and we designed a pricing system which is considering divers income levels.

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  1. Clare Donegan

    Hello, I am interested in attending the workshop in Greece in 2020. I am wondering is there access to cooking facilities ? Can I book a small apartment near the hotel? I have been in recovery from an illness and am doing very well 🙂 I need to cook most of my meals as my diet has to stay quite restricted.
    Also do we send the 30 percent deposit via the cart system on the site here?

    The workshop looks most excellent, I’m planning to return to work next year as a mindfulness practitioner and creative producer so this could be the perfect stepping stone to enable my further education.

    I look forward to hearing from you,


    • Hiltrud Enders

      Thank you so much for your questions, Clare! I sent you a mail with the details. Hiltrud

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