10-day Miksang Intensive in Greece

This 10 day class will include the curriculum of two workshops: ‚Making Contact‘ and ‚The Heart of Perception‘
Both Parts will be taught in a 4,5 day class. Inbetween there is a day off or the opportuniy for a day trip.

expected: May 15th-25th, 2019

Day 1: Traveling Day and Introductory Talk for Making Contact 7-9 pm
Day 2,3,4,5: Workshop Days ‚MC‘
Day 6: Day Off with the possibility for a Day Trip
and Introductory Talk for Heart of Perception 7-9 pm
Day 7,8,9,10: Workshop Days ‚HOP‘
Day 11: Traveling Day

Making Contact: Relaxing This, Discovering THAT
Pre-Requisites: None

Making Contact is where “the rubber hits the road” in Miksang. In this workshop we prepare ourselves to see, recognize when we have a fresh perception, understand it, and express it with our camera. We learn to develop a sense of equanimity about what we see. In Making Contact, we work with our resistance to seeing without an agenda, and our struggle to make our world conform to what we want to see. We discover that real seeing takes place on the other side of boredom. As we cross this boundary we discover a world of floating wonder for us to play in.

In the Making Contact Workshop, we are introduced to the four main practices of Miksang: Recognizing Freshness, Seeing the One Thing, Deep Noticing and the Miksang Core Practice.

The Heart of Perception: Feeling the Moment
Pre-Requisites: Making Contact: Relaxing This, Discovering THAT

In The Heart of Perception we experience new depth of visual experience. As we free ourselves from the limitations of what we want to see, we enter into a more spacious and intimate relationship with our visual world. As our openness and receptivity continue to expand, we can feel the heartbeat and breath of our perceptions. The texture of our experience becomes delicate, transitory, ephemeral. Because we have developed the ability to be still without bias or judgment, we can express the subtlety of this experience with our camera.

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