Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What kind of camera will I need for this workshop?

Miksang workshops are digital. So a digital camera is needed which allows you to adjust shutter speed and aperture. Our goal is to study our perception and to express this experience through the photographic medium. If you know how to handle your camera and are familiar with aperture, shutter speed, DOF etc., that will be helpful. If on the other hand you do not have much technical experience, that shouldn’t keep you from participating, you can still do everything that is required. A laptop or tablet computer will be necessary for selecting the pictures. Please get acquainted with an image editing software first; you will mainly need to know how to transfer and select photos.

Is any photography experience required for this workshop?

No. The course will concentrate on seeing rather than taking pictures. You will learn to align your mind and eyes and to express this alignment in the simplest way. Over time, you’ll want to work more exactly on expressing what you see. So many are indeed developing an interest in the technical side as well. But that is different for everybody.

Do I need any more appliances?

No. There is no need for a tripod, flash, or a camera filter.

Is accommodation included in the course fee?

No*. You are responsible for your overnight stays, but we will gladly help you find a place.

*With the exception of courses at the Frauenbildungshaus Zülpich

Private lodging is available at:

bed & breakfast Düsseldorf

Is lunch included?

No*. We are going to lunch together, but taking part is optional, of course. Food and beverage is not included in the fee.

*With the exception of courses at the Frauenbildungshaus Zülpich

Can I come without my own car?

Traveling to our course location is your own responsibility. Once you’re there, we will organize car pools if necessary or will use public transport as a group. We will mainly stay near one place, though, and walk.

Will I have to be there on the first night?

Yes! On our first evening together, we will answer all the organizational questions. And I will give a slide show presentation to introduce the Miksang philosophy.

Can I skip certain elements of the workshop?

I do not recommend it. Participating in the whole course is advisable, up until the last day about 5 p.m.

Will I get my money back on cancellation?

If the workshop does not take place, we will refund your expenses. If you cancel yourself within 7 days prior to the workshop, your fee will be credited and can be used for another workshop taking place within the next year.

Waiting for confirmation

Please do not book or order anything for your journey or accommodations before you receive our confirmation that the workshop will indeed take place.