Opening the Good Eye

1 Opening the Good Eye
3-day workshop with Hiltrud Enders

Opening the Good Eye

„Opening the Good Eye“ is an introduction to the pleasure of seeing directly and taking photographs based on perception.

We learn to synchronize our mind and eye so that our habitual patterns of seeing will change. Seeing and immediately labeling what we see, can dissolve into a moment of amazing and fresh perception. Through visual exercises and photographic assignments, we develop confidence in our ability to connect directly with what we see. We stay in the present with our perception, we fully understand its qualities, and then we express our experience precisely with our cameras.

We all have the ability to experience these wide awake moments. Direct visual perception is fresh, vivid, and in the moment.

The workshop will start the night before the first day with a presentation and slide show at 7.30 p.m. The following three days will be filled with visual exercises, photographic assignments, and group discussions from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s for everyone who wants to know more about the process of perception. The workshop is for beginners and advanced photographers alike.

If you know your camera well, you can concentrate completely on seeing. You can participate with a simple digital camera as well as with full professional gear. A laptop computer will help to sort through your pictures. If you would like to borrow a laptop for this course, please make sure you know how to transfer and select photos with it before we start.

The workshop will take place for five participants or more.

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