Miksang Intensive, May 2024

May 15-24, 2024, Methana Greece

We are thrilled to announce this workshop in the beautiful and inviting village of Methana, Greece. We really like to come back to explore the wilderness and beauty. Methana is a peninsula in the Saronic Gulf. It is worth exploring the beaches, the hot springs, wonderful hikes, the volcano, little villages, archeological sites.
Epidaurus is about 50 km away. – Please do this before, between or after the workshop. We expect that you are really there and available as part of the group during the workshop.

The Miksang Intensive 2024 will offer inspiration and deep practice for beginners and practitioners with long-time experience.

May 15 = Day 1: Traveling Day, Welcome and Introductory Talk in the evening
May 16-19 = Day 2, 3, 4, 5: Workshop
May 20 = Day 6: Day off with the opportunity for self organised day trips to Hydra or Mykene or a hike on the beautiful peninsula of Methana.
May 21-24 = Day 7, 8, 9, 10 Workshop
May 25 = Traveling Day

The Workshop
The exercises and assignments of this workshop will be based on the curriculum of the classes I teach since years, but it will be certainly influenced by the location. To make it clear, this is not a photography class which will guide you to the „classical greek images“. We are not interested in photography which is thought up by concepts. It is a class about your sense perceptions, it will guide you to explore your habitual patterns, and it will help to take your thinking mind not so serious. You are invited to rest in nowness, to connect with everyday life, to lean into the joy of simplicity or the taste of abundance. Calm down in the landscape, appreciate the vastness of the sea, the sky and the stars and share your experiences with others. You can certainly take home an intense practice if you want to engage in stillness, in your sensual experience and in seeing the world unfolding in your images.

Through visual exercises and photographic assignments, you develop confidence in our ability to make direct contact with what you see. You can marvel and stay with your perception, feeling its quality and expressing this precisely with the camera. We all have the talent to be surprised and taste wakeful moments. Direct visual perception is fresh, alive, joyful and in the moment. We will provide talks and slideshows, perception training, visual exercises, photo tasks and photo reviews as part of the process. There will be also time for relaxation or swimming.

Drop me a line and let me know you are interested. We can have a zoom, as an opportunity to get known to each other and also to explore if these teachings are something you would like to explore deeper.

The Teacher
My name is Hiltrud Enders, I am practicing Miksang since 2006 and I enjoy teaching since 2012. I am especially insprired that these workshops are not based on talent, nor technical finesse but on a joyful persistence of coming back to the present moment. The heavy backpack full of rules and standards about “what makes a good image” can be put aside. We look at the world with a fresh, an almost childlike view. This is the key to the presence and intensity of our photographs. I am the author of ‚Freude am Sehen’ a book about contemplative photography which is published in German. It is exploring the poetry in our ordinary world. I am very grateful to have been trained by Michael Wood and Julie DuBose in four classes of Miksang Training: „Opening the Good Eye“, „Making Contact“, „Heart of Perception“ and „Space“.

You might be interested in exploring my images and my writing about Methana

Reading ’Under the volcano’ 

Looking at some images

The experience of participants 

Miksang – The source
Miksang Contemplative Photography is based on the teachings about perception and art of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and it is founded and developed by Michael Wood since more than 40 years. Michael Wood and Julie DuBose founded the Miksang Institute and they are continuously deepening the teachings in a wonderful way. The word Miksang is a tibetan word and it means ‚good or purified eye‘ – a beautiful symbol for our inherent ability to see the world clear and unstrained by our thinking overlays.

For registering for the workshops please send me an email mail@miksang-fotografie.de
Tell me in a few sentences about your motivation. I am curious! Please include your address. And if you have any question don’t hesitate asking them.

Pricing for the Workshop
There are people taking part from very various countries with different income. So we have different prices and we trust you in choosing the price which is affordable for you. We will send out an invoice after your registration. You can pay in one or more steps. Not included: Travling, Accomodation and Meals

1.080 € good income / supporter
800 € general price
Pay what you can option – please send me a note for this pricing

Hotel Akti Methana, right down at the sea
Emilia Thomaidis, Hotel Akti is offering:
Double room (30 €, 35 € and 40 € pPN) including breakfast.
Single room (50 € and 60 € pPN) including breakfast
Please note that the Hotel has limited space. It is not possible that everybody gets a single room. So we want to ask you to be open to share a room with another participant (maybe even with someone you don’t know yet?). Some of the double rooms are quite spacious 😉 The workshop requires 10 overnight stays. Of course it is also possible to extend your stay.

We will see, when we are there. The last time we stayed in Methana we had homemade lunch with veggies from the garden and fresh fish or a vegetarian option. We will see what we organise. For dinner you have plenty of options around in the Tavernas.

On some days it will be fun going to another place on the island. We will organise this spontaneously. You should expect some fee for the driver/taxi.

By train: I am a train lover, I already went to Athens by train in the 80ties. But unfortunately the long distance trains to greece do no longer exist. And there are people saying they are no longer wanted because of the routes of refugees. You can take the ferry from Italy to Patras, train or bus Patras to Korinth, Bus to Methana

By plane: Athens, take a bus directly from the Airport to Piraeus.
The Ferry Piraeus – Methana takes about 2 hours. You do not need to make a reservation. You just get the tickets at Piraeus Harbour. Right now it is leaving Piraeus on Wednesdays at 10:30 am / once a day
There are much more options from Piraeus to Poros and then by Taxi to Methana.
It is not possible to rent cars in Methana, the next place is Galatas.

We are not offering you a fully organized trip, that’s for sure. We are hosting the workshop and we have been looking for the Hotel as the place where we are gathering. You have to organise your trip, but may be you will find a tandem. The last time we have been in Methana, people already found travel compagnions before.

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