Miksang Intensive 2019 – what participants say

I won’t forget the class so soon. Ten days, during which I was mainly able to photograph. That was fantastic. Methana himself is so unspectacular that it is spectacular again. To explore the place and its surroundings with the photographic view – that touched and amazed me again and again. This also includes our trips to Vathi and Volcano, both of which I enjoyed very much. Hiltrud’s way of leading the course, leading us fits very well to Methana, she is so unspectacular that she is almost spectacular. It was never about having to do something or achieving something. Here the way was the goal. Thank you for your attentive and sometimes demanding support. As far as the group is concerned, we were (according to my observation) as different as people can be. The love for Miksang photography united us. I still had very nice days in Aegina and in Athens, I missed you anyway. I wish you all a wonderful time.
Heaven, Zeus, Athena or whoever knows if or when we will meet again.
Ernst Jäger

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