Miksang Intensive 2019 – what participants say

“I won’t forget the class so soon. Ten days, during which I was mainly able to photograph. That was fantastic. Methana himself is so unspectacular that it is spectacular again. To explore the place and its surroundings with the photographic view – that touched and amazed me again and again. This also includes our trips to Vathi and Volcano, both of which I enjoyed very much. Hiltrud’s way of leading the course, leading us fits very well to Methana, she is so unspectacular that she is almost spectacular. It was never about having to do something or achieving something. Here the way was the goal. Thank you for your attentive and sometimes demanding support. As far as the group is concerned, we were (according to my observation) as different as people can be. The love for Miksang photography united us. I still had very nice days in Aegina and in Athens, I missed you anyway. I wish you all a wonderful time.
Heaven, Zeus, Athena or whoever knows if or when we will meet again.”
Ernst Jäger

“I keep the “aimless wandering” principle in mind remembering that “the greatest traveler is the one who doesn’t know where he is going” as a chinese saying goes. Be assured that I shall be again with you for next year’s workshop in Greece. I loved all the people taking part in the workshop and I hope to see them again.”

“From the sea to the volcano, from the thermal bath in the natural pool to the cappuccino, Methana offers everything and much more. We did perception exercises, photographed, talked about what we had read, looked at pictures and sat together with an ouzo in the evening.
I loved wandering around alone and taking pictures, and I enjoyed being together with the other course participants. A relaxed course in a beautiful environment.
I am very much looking forward to being there again in May 2020.”
Susanne Trefzer

“I came to Methana in 2019 for the first time, having done several Miksang classes before. The remote place means quite a journey to get there. However, it also means calming down while getting there. The last bit by ferry from Piraeus takes 2 hours something – on the windy deck, blue sky above you and seagulls hovering above the ship. Methana is a little village, the hotel directly at the peer.
I very much enjoyed the mix of being together with the group, as well as being alone while aimless wandering around with my camera. We were having good discussions, were listening to good talks and advise from Hiltrud Enders. I was contemplating my pictures as well as getting inspired by others when we were looking at their pictures in the evening. It is the assignment we get in the morning that guides us through the day. In the workshop I have the time to stay with my practice and the picture. Time till it even gets boring and suddenly some new aspect arise, that just needed space to come up. Something I do not have that often at home.
Close to the village there are volcanic mountains, where we went hiking and enjoyed a splendid view over the sea. A tiny hot spring at the shore invites to sit in hot water while a meter away the cold water rushes in. Then a day off with the camera to visit Hydra, where Leonard Cohen gave his first concerts in the tavernas.
What I in particular liked about the place was the simple authentic life in Methana – there is nothing that has been polished for the tourists.
Will I come back in 2020 – of cause!”

“It was wonderful to have the Miksang-Workshops at this special place. I experienced Hiltrud as a humorous and warm-hearted trainer who accompanied us very well on our way to recognizing freshness. The people in Methana are very friendly and turned towards us and were very interested in us and our way of taking pictures. Through the perception exercises I got to see well and had beautiful moments. The group was great and we had a lot of fun together. Next year in any case again. Thank you very much, Hiltrud!”

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  1. María José Gallego

    Fue un tiempo de fuerza y magia, de color intenso, vida sencilla y deliciosa comida griega. Abriendo el ojo a todas las percepciones, sonriendo a la música del Mediterráneo. Enamorada.

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