The colors red and yellow

As we walk along this long beach, thick fog sinks and completely changes the reality around us.
“Maybe this is what it looks like when you die” I say to my friend Terry, because days before I read a lot about this transit between life and death, this path. “Yes, maybe!” she says into the fog “They say you will meet your “demons”, your projections and your fear on this path.” So the best preparation for transit is to know them and not to take them too hard.
We meet a mother with a baby in a sling and laugh at the friendly “baby demon”.
We walk on in silence for a while and observe our perception, which makes everything appear grey/black at first in the fog and how the colours yellow and red appear before green and blue. And we meet a boy who is playing with yellow diggers on the empty beach and a lifeguard who is relaxed and concentrated looking where the sea seems to be.


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