Fun in the snow

Some tips for photographing snow

1 White balance
Snow often appears with a blue cast on the images. First carefully check the white balance. The choice of the white balance is slightly different depending on the camera and of course the color temperature of the daylight. If the screen of your camera doesn’t allow you a sufficiently good test, go out and take some test pictures and look at them on your computer. After the test and a careful choice, plunge into the pleasure.

2 Exposure correction
The measurement of the exposure assumes a reflectance of about 20%. Snow reflects much more and therefore you have to correct the exposure (direction plus rotate) so that it is as white as you see it and not gray.

3 Exposure Metering
Spot measurement may give a good result on a glittering surface where you want to work out a detail very accurately. Multi-field measurement, center-weighted measurement, selective measurement… experiment with the settings and remember that they can help you with the special effects of reflecting snow.

4 Speed
At the ice rink I threw everything overboard and chose the mode sport photography on my camera.

5 gloves, umbrella, cap…
A friend gave me these great gloves as a present, which I don’t want to miss anymore. Thumb and index finger are open. All other fingers warmly wrapped.

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