Smartphone Photography

Here we share our experiences or even quote something we have read.
David Ulrich, for example, the author of Zen Photography recommends copying the photos from the smartphone to the computer once a week. Not only to save them, but also to really look at what you’ve taken. I’d like to add: print the photos once a week to see the quality. (e.g. at Saal Digital) If you then notice several times that the wrong part of the picture is in focus, you might be interested to learn how to set the focus.

First tips:
Set your smartphone to flight mode when using it as a camera. This way you avoid distraction.
Keep the lens clean.
Use the highest resolution to take your photos.
Discover different ways to take photos (volume buttons…)
Don’t zoom, cut later.
Check if your recording mode automatically uses filters that slightly change the color of the image or make it look unreal. If you want to print the pictures later, the use of a filter might be a bad idea. Try it out!

You can use the photo app of your smartphone and set the focus point or exposure correction, crop, rotate, etc.

Or you can use a special app where you can choose aperture, time, ISO. We tried Obscura for example.

Are you interested in taking pictures more carefully with your smartphone? Which questions do you have?

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